What can I do from the Compose Message area?

From your Compose Message page, you can search users, send out new email invitations to all the people within your network and follow up with already established correspondence in your contact list. Scrolling down will auto-load more of your contacts.

The compose message area is accessible from the messaging icon Loop Messaging Icon next to the notification icon Notification Icons.


Clicking on one of your contacts will either open the corresponding conversation if a previous correspondence was established:


Previous Conversation Chat


or simply create a new message draft:


Compose Message - New Draft


When trying to compose a new message, you may encounter one of the following pop-ups on the right-part of the screen:


a) Pop-up Receiver cannot receive

b) Pop-up Sender cannot send


Case a) will happen when either the profile is set to "Private", or because the user has chosen not to be contacted by anybody


The Case b) message is self-explanatory; exchange of Loop Messaging is allowed only between users with public profiles.